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    The contour helmet cams are actually ideal digital cams for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just move the record button and you are instantly filming beautiful HD video. The award winning design is tough, small, waterproof to one meter, and adaptable that means you can utilise your Contour everywhere, anytime and catch all the actual actions you would like.

    Contour Helmet Cams          The actual Contour Watersports Kit is the actual all in one package that consists of everything a person need to capture stunning actions video whilst engaged in your favourite water based sport. It contains the simple to apply Contour, a Surf board Bracket, and the Contour Waterproof Case. This helmet cam the ideal collaboration of camcorder plus add-ones to capture the water adventure in action anywhere, at any time.

    Demo Video:


    Its Popularity:

     This graph shows the popularity of this cam. It shows the people interest for the cam. The higher the graph goes the more interest it shows and people purchase for this camera is high.

    • Easy To Use

    Contour Helmet Cams-1Shooting movie should be simple and enjoyable. With the this cam, it has now been launched one step production of videos. Just slide the record button, and you are immediately filming. Easy as that. It is the perfect digital camera for a enjoyment, stress free experience catching your adventures anywhere life takes you. A Contour camera is extremely intuitive and easy to use, along with a sleek, award winning style and a laser that helps you levels the camcorder and obtain the right shot every time.

    • Beautiful HD Movie

      Contour Helmet Cams-2The Contour information the action with a 170 degree extremely wide angle zoom lens, capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral times which can be forgotten with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technologies automatically sets the exposure and white stability, making sure crisp, stunning movie each and every time. A person can select between three unique video clip resolutions, 720p, 960p and 1080p, or shoot 5-mega pixel pictures allowing one greater innovative freedom.

      • Water-resistant

      Contour Helmet Cams-3No need to have to get worried concerning the camera going through your next big water experience, This is water-resistant to 1 meter. A covered gasket safeguards the camera's internal parts, permitting you to catch the motion below waters or in the rainfall, sleet, or snowfall. For full submersion sports activities, such as scuba or wake boarding the this device-Water-proof Case provides entirely dryness up to 60 yards beneath the surface.

      • sound

      The video is just portion of the storyline plus Contour's built in, multi direction microphone captures the background sound which underscores all the action.

      • storage

      Contour Helmet Cams-4Available up to 32GB, MicroSD cards capture up to 8 hours of footage when shooting within full 1080p mode, and can be quickly inter-changeable so you don't skip a minute of the actions. MicroSD cards sold separately. Not suitable with San disk Cellular Ultra Cards.

      • Simple downloading

      Our free of charge Storyteller App easily imports and assists you put together your movie video footage via Mac or PERSONAL COMPUTER. Once you are done, upload and share your experience to
      contour camera review
      . com and some other sites for your own buddies to view.

      What Is included in the package:

      1. The camera itself
      Contour Helmet Cams-52. Rotating Surface Mount
      3. Profile Attach
      4. USB Cord

      Where Contour Helmet Cams:

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