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Panasonic Fh25k Review
Panasonic FH25K Front View

Panasonic Fh25k Review 1
Panasonic FH25K Top View
Panasonic Fh25k Review 2
Panasonic FH25K Back View

Panasonic FH25K Review

Panasonic Fh25k Review 3
Panasonic FH25K Accessories
This camera is the thinnest camera I ever found. Easy to handle and carry without any special care. This camera looks too delicate but is very rugged one. Can be put in your jeans pocket without any hesitation.

FH25K has 16.1 Megapixel resolution with HD results with true colors. Results having this camera are comparable to other expensive professional cameras used by the photographers. These cameras provide full functionality having a very low cost. 

FH25K incorporates 8X Leica Zooming lens of 28 to 224mm wide-angle covering a broad range of views. This camera has 2.7 Inch LCD screen with 230,000 Dots

Produce 1280X720 High-Definition movies with 24 Frames Per Second. It’s a very high speed as compared to other cameras. This resolution provides you great results when movies and pictures at large screen televisions using HDMI port.

It allows photography with low lighting conditions up to ISO 6400. This camera can work without flash in dark lighting situations. Panasonic FH25K Review .

It has 27 scene modes that let you select between then for one which is more suitable according to the requirements. It provides high-speed burst at the rate of 24 Frames Per Second resulting very smooth movies due to this continuity of large number of frames per second.

Provides 8 color modes and image stabilizing feature that let the camera maintain images without damaging while zooming. This camera is shock- resistant as well as dust-resistant. I personally suggest this camera for home and office purposes.

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