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DCS-932L MYDLINK™ WIRELESS N DAY/NIGHT NETWORK CAMERA is very versatile and easy to use surveillance solution for office or home security system.
The  DCS-932L MYDLINK  is an exceptional and convenient monitoring solution for your residence or office premises. In contrast to a conventional web cam, the  DCS-932L MYDLINK  is a full package along with a integrated processor and webserver that sends high definition video pictures for safety and monitoring purposes. Easy set up and a user-friendly web-based
DCS-932L MYDLINK™ WIRELESS N DAY/NIGHT NETWORK CAMERA REVIEWuser interface provided effortless usage with your ethernet or 802.11n wi-fi network. The  DCS-932L MYDLINK  also comes with remote control tracking and motion detection
features for a complete and cost-effective home security solution.

Wireless N Connectivity:

The  DCS-932L MYDLINK  includes 802.11n wi-fi for fast and easy integration into your present network environment. Wireless system allows you to stream top quality
vi-deo to distant sites and portable devices. A site survey feature also enables you to see and link to near by wi-fi networks with ease. the DCS-932L MYDLINK

also consists of a typical ethernet slot for connections to conventional wired networks.

Mydlink For Fast and Hassle-free accessibility to Your own Video (DCs-932l)

Convenient mydlink™ zero-configuration lets you all setup and running in no time - just hook up the  DCS-932L  , then sign up the unit on the mydlink™
web site. The DCs-932l will then immediately set up by itself and link to the mydlink™ service enabling for easy entry to your video feeds from
anywhere with internet access.

Easy to Setup and Run:

This network video camera facilitates the Universal Plug-n-Play function, which enables computer systems working on Windows XP/Vista/7 to automatically identify the
camera and add it to the network. Register with one of the free of charge Dynamic DNS services accessible on the web to,give a title and domain name to the camera (e.g.
mycamera.dlinkddns.com), and via network accessibility to the camera without keeping in mind the iP address. You can also see as many as THIRTY-TWO cameras from a main
location using the integrated D-ViewCam software. D-ViewCam has a strong set of functions including automatic e-mail notifications that can quickly notify
users of suspicious or strange activities.

Interest Over Time

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Where to buy DCS-932L Camera :

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