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Where To Buy Canon G12
Front view

                     Where to buy canon g12  I often go to hill stations and areas full of natural creatures, then that is the time I go out  to capture every moment and scenes  with my group members. Moments that are priceless for me and every passing second makes those moments, a precious  history of my life that I would like to capture for the rest of my life. 

When I joined my hiking club, i started searching for a digital camera having a high resolution, large LCD screen, one touch, multifunctional, compact, weightless and portable camera. The item I found after searching the whole market was Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.8 Inch Vari-Angle LCD
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Why only this G12 camera I bought? Because when I compared this camera with other canon high resolution cameras, I found it best according to the professional photography rules, I found  Canon G12  very easy to handle, sleek, professional and high quality video camera. Its design is very suitable even for an ordinary person having no knowledge of photography because it is designed to get exactly fit in the palm of your hands. 

Where To Buy Canon G12-1
Back View
Canon G12 has a zoom capability of 5X without any image data quality loss by digitally stabilizing images optically after zooming it. It does not matter how much you stretch the image(taken with this G12 camera) digitally, it will never damage the image.  Where to buy canon g12

The nice feature of this camera is varying angle LCD screen that lets you move it at any degree according to your comfort. This feature is actually provided for reporters performing photography in crowed and having their camera up near their head and capturing images of the target of interest.
According to me this camera is best for both professionals for their work or either home members and children to enjoy moments of their lives in their own ways
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It captures 1.5 to 24 frames per second each having a high resolution. It comes with 28 mm wide angle lens and optical viewfinder.  This camera supports SD, SDHC, MC, HC and MMC Plus cards. So shooting moments have no limits. Where to buy canon g12

Canon G12 has HDMI output port that enables you connect it directly to large screen televisions in your home and enjoy movies with big screens. 

Canon G12 10 MP camera have a lot more features than I just described here and these features just starts with what I am ending here.

·         Digic-4 Image processor and 10.0 MP sensor, both are combined to get HS system that makes this camera improved for low light performance.
·         5X zoom with digital picture stabilizing feature .
·         Optical viewfinder, 28 mm broad view lens
·         Stereo sound and 720 High Definition movie along with HDMI output port. 

FWhere To Buy Canon G12:

If you are interested in buying  Canon G12 then  Amazon has been found the best place for buying this camera with the lowest prices as compared to shopping malls and other home delivery services.




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