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                                                            front view of Home Cinema 8350                                              

                                                            front view of   Home Cinema 8350
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Did you enjoy movies at cinema ever? No? I think
you are a jobian, a student, or a worker that don’t have enough time you don’t need to go cinema. I will prefer you to have a low-cost and best quality system that let you enjoy home cinema movies, images and videos of your life with full digital experience at a large cinema size screen at home. This home cinema system even lets you use it for your business presentations, conferences, project presentations.                                                   
This  PowerLite  Cinema delievers a High Defination 1920x1080 resolution. This Home Cinema Projector consists of a D7 chip that generates output  with 1080p for full home theater experience. Its contrast ratio is upto 50,000:1 which is the richest enough as compared to other projectors and lets you experience full 3D results.
Powerlite Cinema Top View
Powerlite Cinema Top View
This  Home Cinema 8350 has true life like colors due to an exclusive cinema filter with too much expended colors. The zoom this system encorporates is Fujinon lense with a 2.1X ratio.
The greatest feature of Epson PowerLite Home Cinema is that it generates white light output that don’t disturbs your eyes as old generation projectors that generates blue light that is quite disturbing.
This system contains Two HDMI 1.3 ports that let you connet it to two devices at the same time. The HDMI connectivity lets you experience a true digital colors. That’s why it is ideal for fast action movies and TV shows.
The prominent feature of Epson Home Cinema System is that it has a Low Fan Noise so that the audience will completely focus on movies without any disturbance.
Powerlite Gadget Back View
Powerlite Gadget Back View
The energy consumption is very low as

Epson Projector PowerLite 

contains a 200W lamp that may  use upto 4000 hours. It is smarter and  small size(17.7" x 15.5" x 5.7") with the weight of only 16.1 lb

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