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Nikon D3200 Review-1
Nikon D3200 Top View

Nikon D3200 Review-2
Nikon D3200 Front View
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Nikon D3200 Back View

                                                     Nikon D3200 DSLR Features

Nikon D3200 Review

I am going about Nikon D3200 Review here. This camera is the latest of Nikon DSLR Cameras so I am going to tell you that what It can do for you.

This camera has Wi-Fi Connectivity that let you remotely shoot and  transfer  your images directly while capturing movies and images. Wi-Fi connection allows you share your images and movies from remote area.

As it looks very smart to its predecessor, It has 24.2 Million Pixel DX format CMOS sensor and produces 1080p full HD movies with massive high resolution.  So when you take images with this camera, it lets you corp the original picture and make more snaps from it. This 24.2 Megapixel ability lets you print posters and more detailed images.

Nikon has modified this Nikon DSLR camera with XP3 image processor and EXPEED 3 image processing engine. The beautiful feature I found in this camera is the blurring background that makes your subjects of interests prominent in overall image and the background fade. 

It has compatibility with a lot of Nikon interchangeable zoom lenses that let you enhance the image capturing capabilities of the Nikon D3200 for example there are separate zoom lenses for both wild life shooting and Macro Photography.

Nikon D3200 shoots at approximately 4 frames per second and results in a continuous high quality professional videos. Also let you capture self-portrait and close-up shots. You may produce a movie with 1920X1080 pixel resolution.

It has the Optical View Finder for faster shooting responses along with live view activation for faster shooting responses.

This camera has low energy consumptions so Nikon D3200 is able to capture 540 HD shots with a single battery. It also has 3-Inch wide, accurate and true color with 921,000 pixels LCD that let you see your subject at real time with better clarity.

nikon d slr reviews
Its dedicated movie button and dial let you fully optimize your camera for professional photography very easily. It is now easy to edit your movie in playback mode now with Nikon D3200. 

Its HDMI compatibility and CEC-HDMI support let you see your movies at your large screen television and control the play back of your images and videos with a CEC compatible remote control.

It supports optional External ME-1 Stereo Microphone that let you record dynamic stereo and cinematic sounds. This microphone has the ability to reduce noise generated while auto-focusing during movie recording and gives you better results.

The guide mode is one of my most favorite feature on this Nikon D3200 Digital SLR. This guide mode asks you what do you want to do? Set-up your camera or shoot pictures.

What else new with this Nikon D3200 is the JAPAN made Nikon WU-1a transmitter that let you transfer your image and movie data to your mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet PC. And also you can use your smart device to activate the camera shutter through this intelligent transmitter.

Nikon built-In intelligent flash automatically pops up whenever required. It is very easy and stress free operation with intelligent auto mode.

 So this camera is very compact an low-weight, portable, dust-resistant and shock-resistant as well.  I hope this Nikon D3200 Review will be helpful to select your new photography camera.

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