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Panasonic lumix TS4 Demo Video:

Lumix TS4 Popularity:

Here is the chart which shows the people interest in Lumix TS4. Higher the graph the more interest it shows. It means some how this camera is proving itself good to people and people in the world are buying it. Along with that most important question is Where To Buy Panasonic lumix TS4, We will see it in this article in the end.


  • Zoom lens Performance

    LEICA DC Lens along with Folded Optics Technology

    This DMC-TS4 features a high-quality LEICA DC lens with 4. 6x optical zoom from 28mm wide-angle. That folded optics of shaft guide method is acquired to secure the toughness of the lens system. This lens unit comprises 10 elements and also a prism unit in 8 sets, including an ED lens and 5 aspherical lenses with 6 aspherical surfaces passing the Leica's stringent specifications to deliver outstanding optical performance to the edges.

    • 28mm Wide angle Zoom lens

    The 28mm wide angle lens allows a person quickly capture large sets of people inside or substantial architectural set ups and scenes with dynamic width and wealthy perspective, even from small distances.

    • 3x Intelligent Zoom capability

    Where To Buy Panasonic lumix TS4 

    The Intelligent Zoom is considerable zoom function using digital zoom, however, you can possibly get the subject 2x closer than the genuine optical zoom with minimal deterioration of image quality cheers to the Smart Resolution technology. This means the 4. 6x optical can virtually extend to 9. 3x equivalent.

    • POWER Optical Image Stabilizer

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      This POWER O. I. S. suppresses the low frequency vibration hand shaking component, which is actually produced when pushing the shutter switch or while capturing at night with a slow shutter speed.

      Active mode is efficient for movie recording.Where To Buy Panasonic lumix TS4-1

      • Picture Quality

        12. 1 Megapixel Hi Speed CCD

        The 12. 1 megapixel CCD with 2 channel signal result framework provides higher signal transfer speed intended for the procedures that require higher capabilities and rate such as full HI-DEF movie recording and high speed continuous shooting. The picture quality is also improved.

        • Venus System

        The DMC TS4's Venus System functions large quantity of total HD data at high speed. At the same time, the multi task image processing engine, the Venus system understands a super fast response time.

        Where To Buy Panasonic lumix TS4-2The DMC TS4 is an advanced photographic device for recording not only excellent photos but also beautiful full HD 1920 x 1080 movies with AVCHD format 1 / MP4 format. The AVCHD file format excels in a compatibility with AV tools like HDTVs or even Blu-ray Disc™ players. The MP4 format has greater compatibility along with computers.

        • High Quality Audio

        The movies appear with the high quality sound of Dolby Digital Creator, to offer highly practical audio to the motion images.

        4. 6x Optical Zoom capability in Movie Recording
        The DMC-TS4 allows a person make use of a 4. 6x zoom for videos.

        • Waterproof/Dustproof Performance

        This cameras waterproof and dustproof status conforms along with an IPX8 plus IP6X ratings. This camera can operate underwater, to a degree 40 feet for a time of 60 minutes.
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        • Anti shock Performance

        This cam is also is in accordance with MIL STD 810F Technique 516. 5 Shock. The camcorder has cleared a drop test from a height of 2 meter.

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